DryPanel® BT300

The wide DryPanel® BT300. Optimal for wide-area applications and in the skirting area. 300 watts of power.

Optionally available: Accessories set, Stand feet, Mounting bracket, Clamps for telescopic rods or Telescopic rods.

Product details

The DryPanel® BT300 is the ideal solution for the restoration of small as well as medium water damage and also contributes as a system component (e.g. for screed drying) to a more efficient drying process. Through the uniform and targeted heating of the building substance by means of infrared radiant heat, moisture is extracted and effectively released into the room air through evaporation.

Thanks to innovative FlatPanel® technology, our infrared building dryers set new standards in terms of reliability, ease of installation and energy efficiency. Due to the low connected loads, you can conveniently combine several units in one room.

The DryPanel® BT300 is our wide model with dimensions of 115 x 32 x 4.5 cm and a connected load of approx. 300 watts. It is ideally suited for drying wide-area water damage and as a supplement in the base area for insulation drying.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 115 × 32 × 4,5 cm

Even more efficient: Interval drying with the DryPanel® ZI

Now save an additional 35 % energy during construction drying. The new DryPanel® ZI is equipped with a counter and an interval circuit and enables regular heating and cooling. The capillary effect creates a suction that pulls the moisture from the inside of the wall to the surface without active energy supply.

Advantages in the application

Easy to combine

When drying larger areas, screw several panels together.

Direct wall positioning

Thanks to lateral cable routing, the DryPanel® lies against the wall without gaps - for maximum efficiency.

Easy to transport

With its low weight, the DryPanel® can be carried by one person.

Flexible wall mounting

Position the DryPanel® quickly & easily on the wall thanks to flexible angles.

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Flexible application

Base mounting with feet

Wall mounting

Mounting with telescopic rods

Ceiling mounting

Other sizes

Discover the DryPanel® also in other formats. Thanks to low connected loads, you can also combine several.

DryPanel® BT200

Dimensions: 70 x 37 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 210 W

Weight: 3,1 kg

from € 359 (excl. Tax)

DryPanel® BT500

Dimensions: 115 x 55 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 500 W

Weight: 6,2 kg

from € 522 (excl. Tax)

The advantages of infrared construction dryers

Use innovative infrared technology to improve building drying processes.


Targeted radiant heat for shorter drying times


Noise-intensive drying is finally a thing of the past.


Better drying results with less energy consumption. Saves money.


Easy to transport, easy to set up.