DryPanel® PRO

The compact DryPanel® PRO. Perfect for applications where energy saving is important. Rapid and energy-saving drying.

Optionally available: Accessories set, Stand feet or Mounting bracket.

895,00 (excl. Tax)

Product details

In contrast to conventional infrared panels on the market, the drying modules fitted directly onto the wall have have diffusion-open insulation on the side facing away from the wall. This means that the heat remains on the wall to be dried. However, instead of the moisture slowly drying out in the masonry as with conventional panels, it is quickly dissipated through the DryPanel® PRO to the interior and does not have to travel the long way to the opposite side of the wall. The result: energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and drying progresses as efficiently and evenly as possible. DryPanel® PRO drying modules are extremely energy-efficient because they heat up the wall but not the interior. As they also have temperature control and allow moisture to escape unhindered, they consume on average 75% less energy than standard infrared panels until drying is successful. Compared to film tent drying, the values are even more impressive: this is more than ten times more energy-intensive. This energy efficiency has been confirmed in practice after 6 months of use and has been proven in tests by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP).

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 105 × 50 × 4,5 cm

Advantages in the application

Temperature control

Due to the temperature control, the DryPanel® PRO can also be used for sensitive surfaces.

Flexible wall mounting

Position the DryPanel® PRO quickly & easily on the wall thanks to flexible angles.

Easy to transport

With its low weight, the DryPanel® PRO can be carried by one person.

Direct wall positioning

Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, the DryPanel® PRO lies against the wall without gaps despite the skirting board - for maximum efficiency.

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Flexible application

Base mounting with feet

Wall mounting

Mounting with telescopic rods

Other sizes

Discover the DryPanel® also in other formats. Thanks to low connected loads, you can also combine several.

DryPanel® BT300

Dimensions: 115 x 32 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 300 W

Weight: 4,2 kg

from € 440 (excl. Tax)

DryPanel® BT500

Dimensions: 115 x 55 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 500 W

Weight: 6,2 kg

from € 522 (excl. Tax)

The advantages of infrared construction dryers

Use innovative infrared technology to improve building drying processes.


Targeted radiant heat for shorter drying times


Noise-intensive drying is finally a thing of the past.


Better drying results with less energy consumption. Saves money.


Easy to transport, easy to set up.