Next generation of Infrared Dryers

DryPanel® guarantees highly efficient drying after water damage, during renovations and in construction. Developed and manufactured by WMT - quality since 1998.

Drying with infrared.
By wavelengths better.

Use innovative infrared technology to improve building drying processes.


Targeted radiant heat for shorter drying times


Noise-intensive drying is finally a thing of the past.


Better drying results with less energy consumption. Saves money.


Easy to transport, easy to set up.

More details about the infrared dryers in the WMT video.

00:19 How does infrared wall drying work with the WMT DryPanel?

00:53 Why are WMT's infrared DryPanels more economical than other drying devices?

01:19 What are the advantages of the electricity meter and the interval switching of WMT's infrared DryPanel?

01:50 How does the interval switching of WMT's infrared DryPanel ZI work?

03:00 Which WMT dryers are available and what are they suitable for?

Drypanel ZI: You set the pace.

Now available after two years of development and long-term testing: the new one Drypanel ZI with electricity meter and interval switching. Faster drying with 35% less energy consumption - with 100% proven WMT quality.

Recommended applications of the DryPanel®

Wall drying after
local water damage

Drying of door and
window reveals

insulation drying
in the base area

Available in many variants.

DryPanel® has format. Even more than one. Find the right infrared construction dryer for your area of application.

DryPanel® BT200

Ideal for convoluted construction sites, e.g. under stairs, washbasins, window niches, etc.

Here to the data sheet

Dimensions: 70 x 37 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 210 Watt

Weight: 3,1 kg

from € 359.00 (excl. Tax)

DryPanel® BT300

Ideal for base drying, can also be screwed several in a row.

Here to the data sheet

Dimensions: 115 x 32 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 300 Watt

Weight: 4,2 kg

from € 440,00 (excl. Tax)

DryPanel® BT500

Ideal for drying large areas. Can also be screwed together with additional DryPanels® to form a larger surface.

Here to the data sheet

Dimensions: 115 x 55 x 4,5 cm

Power: ~ 500 Watt

Weight: 6,2 kg

from € 522,00 (excl. Tax)

DryPanel® PRO

Ideal for drying large areas. Minimal energy consumption due to Fast-dry technology.

Up to 90% energy cost saving.

Available from March 2023.

Pre-book at:

Dimensions: 105.5 x 50.5 x 4.5 cm

Power: ~ 220 watt

Weight: 8 kg

from € 895,00 (excl. Tax)

Quality engineering. Layer by layer.

Layer 1: Radiation surface

Thanks to heat-conducting special material, the radiating surface emits infrared heat specifically to the damp wall.

Layer 2: FP20 heating layer

Patented infrared heating technology from WMT: The ultra-thin FP20 heating layer converts energy highly efficiently into infrared heat.

Layer 3: Insulation

The insulating layer prevents the heat from radiating from the room side. This way you avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Layer 4: Reflector

The back of the infrared construction dryer reflects the radiation from the room side to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Building drying with the DryPanel®

Tool free assembly

Setup and commissioning in just a few minutes.

Efficient drying

Silent, fast & comfortable - the room remains usable.

Easy dismantling

Quick disassembly - and off to the next use.

Faster, lighter and more efficient. The DryPanel® is the result of intensive research and development and development as well as 20 years of user experience of our customers in drying on the construction site.

The patented FlatPanel® technology guarantees maximum radiation efficiency. Developed together with research laboratories. Durable and maintenance-free.

Benefit from WMT's innovative edge through our development partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, the world's leading organization for application-oriented research.

Ideal ratio between energy consumption and water removal.

The WMT DryPanel® infrared building dryer radiates at around 85 degrees and heats the wall to around 60 degrees.
However, the back of the panel has only a slightly heated surface temperature due to the special design. This targeted radiation makes the DryPanel® extremely efficient.

Aimed at the wall at approx. 85°.
Backside DryPanel only hand warm.

The infrared principle

Infrared heat is based on the principle of solar radiation. While conventional heating methods only heat the air, building structures can absorb radiant heat directly. The DryPanel® uses this principle for a rapid and targeted drying effect.

The high performance of our infrared construction dryers is demonstrated not only by the absorption capacity but also by the excellent ratio of the energy used to the radiant heat emitted.

What customers say about DryPanel®

ETS Egger GmbH 

"We already relied on the integrated interval technology of the new Drypanel® ZI in 2021 and our expectations in terms of drying time and energy savings were fully met!"

Ing. Martin Huber

Technical Coordinator & Training Manager

Building drying matter GmbH

"Very robust, easy to operate, economical and durable. That's exactly what we expect from a work tool that has been used on our construction sites for more than 10 years."

Karl Matter


Mibag Redevelopment Ltd.

"Gentle and efficient. Drying takes place without any background noise for our customers and quickly and sustainably for us. Our installers appreciate the unique handling of the DryPanel® . Fast. Easy. Efficient."

Alexander Opriessnig


The drying professionals

Brief insight into the large construction site in Heiligendamm near the Grand Hotel...

We are WMT

The team of WMT is dedicated with all passion and competence to the subject of Heat through infrared. The result: ever better, energy-saving solutions for everyday and special applications. Our know-how from over 20 years of development work is shaping the technology of today and tomorrow.